I pushed the updates up to Github; go and check it out:
I also changed the project name to reflect that it's no longer just a counter proxy. Yep, it now supports set (gauge) operations, too.
So just to recap, if you want to keep track of counters and gauges over UDP and get that data into OpenTSDB, check out the proxy. It's pretty basic, but it works decently well. Couchbase is used for shared state/data, so you can deploy a mess of these things and scale up as traffic requires.

We also now support dumping the counters out to a flat file. This is handy if you want to parse the data with something like OpenNMS for thresholding (we do).

Enjoy and please send me feedback!
Again, nerdy stuff follows. Click away now if you were looking for pics of naked chicks or something.

Like a lot of people buying new hardware these days, we've recently started to look into migrating from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6. New hardware really is the only reason we're looking to migrate. The new hardware isn't supported by CentOS 5 kickstart and rolling your own updates into a new kickstart image can be a PITA. So why not upgrade to the new stuff? How hard can it be?