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You didn't really think I'd stop with a single GTX 570 did you? Nah, it actually wasn't my plan to go down the SLI route. However, I did end up buying a nice big display -- a HP zr30w. It doesn't have the catchiest name, but it is a great display for the price range. Oh and sorry Apple fanboys, but this thing wipes the floor with your 30" display at a much lower cost. Jelz much?

Anyway, back to the new loop. I took out the CPU cooler since liquid cooling really doesn't do much for the new socket 1155-based Intel CPUs like my Core i5-2500k. Honestly, the ability to dissipate heat isn't a huge deal for overclocking these CPUs -- it's a stable supply of power from the motherboard. Even when not overclocked, these guys don't throw off much heat. At load, mine runs at 55 celsius with the stock fan. Video cards, on the other hard, throw off heat like a nuclear reactor. So add one graphics card to the loop and remove the CPU.

Here are some pics of the cards and the loop. I actually had to do this a few times since my first card from EVGA was a lemon. It would work for 10 minutes then die. Wasn't a heat issue. Something there was just busted. Got the card RMA'd easily (yay EVGA!) and fixed it all up. One thing I will say is that quick disconnects are fantastic! They make loop maintenance and changing soooo easy. No more draining your entire loop (of pricey fluid) just to change 1 thing. These things are great. Like all of the components here, I got my QD's from Koolance. I can't say the same thing for the Koolance 90-degree swivels. These things fail all over. Check their forums and you'll see the same thing. I've had a pair fail, and Koolance no longer uses that design. So that's about all you need to know. The newer static ones are supposedly better. Anyway, here are the pics. Yes, I did put tape on the memory controller things in the 2nd pic -- I didn't catch it at first. Also, you should put tape on the chokes. They don't get terribly hot but they are in the cool air flow of the normal stock cooler. So yeah, you should cool them. 

UPDATE - Sorry, I forgot to include some temps:

Single GTX 570:
Stock @ idle = 55c
Liquid @ idle = 34c
Stock @ load = 75c
Liquid @ load = 47c

SLI GTX 570:
Stock @ idle = 55/60c
Liquid @ idle = 36/39c
Stock @ load = 75/78c
Liquid @ load = 48/51c