Just a FYI that I slightly updated the etoufee recipe. I cut the amount of garlic in half (smudge on my original notes) and specified how much salt, cayenne, and black pepper I use. Other than that, everything is the same.
A couple of people have been asking me for my shrimp creole recipe, so I figured that I would write it up while a pot of NOLA-style black eyed peas stews for a few hours. Since I cooked it for Erin, she gets the naming rights. So without much ado, here it is: This is my take on shrimp creole. There are so many versions of this recipe, so here’s another. Personally, I don’t like shrimp creoles made from a roux. That’s more like a shrimp sauce piquant in my book. Rouxs are typical of Cajun cuisine. Shrimp Creole is creole NOLA cuisine — not Cajun. This is why the two dishes are separate in my mind, and why mine isn’t made from a roux. I could be totally off base here, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
While most of my recipes posted here have been finished products (more or less), this one is still in flux. I'm going to keep tweaking things here and there. So be sure to check back frequently! Anyway, here's my stab at a red beans and rice recipe. It's mainly for Stephanie's friend Krysten who asked me for one. If anyone asks, this is my personal adaptation of the gumbopages.com recipe, John Folse's recipe, and my own accoutrements.

Earlier this month, the Saints played the 49ers at Candlestick Park (and won). Naturally, every NOLA native in the area crawled out of the woodwork and showed up in force to tailgate. My addition to the tailgate party was some jambalaya. I thought it was pretty decent, and others really loved it, so here’s the recipe. It’s pretty simple and anyone should be able to whip it up. In fairness, a large part of this is a rendition on Jason Dean’s recipe, with my touches added. Then again, it’s jambalaya — there’s pretty much only one way of making it. Anyway, here goes with instructions and pics.