I was working on setting up Pacemaker here at Weebly for an internal project. Everything was going smoothly until I started to setup STONITH. When I tried to add the device I was greeted with errors like this:
ERROR: stonith-server1: parameter passwd does not exist
ERROR: stonith-server1: parameter ipaddr does not exist
ERROR: stonith-server1: parameter hostname does not exist

And on and on and on. Googling around, you'll see a bunch of red herring messages about RHEL6 and something about their own STONITH agents. But hey, I'm using CentOS 5 and using the clusterlabs.com RPM's. That shouldn't bother me right? Well, sorta. The error condition is a false for RHEL6, but it is indicative of the same cause. Pacemaker can't find the right library files. The command line tools all work fine, but the Pacemaker CRM pukes on it. The cause? lib vs lib64. Yes, people are still messing this up after all these years (especially Red Hat packagers -- *ruby*). Symlink /usr/lib64/stonith to /usr/lib/stonith, then restart corosync on your nodes. Once you do that, you'll be able to add the correct stonith resources.This is a pretty big mistake. I'm honestly quite shocked they made it.


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